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The existing non-technology way of things must work well for some people. After all, whatever is prevalent and has boomed over the period is because of various attributes of this model. 

Consumers are heavily dependent on traditional businesses. One of the most trustworthy aspects of these businesses is the very fact that it is traditional. They have been operating for a very long time and subsequently by good work done and a good reputation gained – people are naturally inclined to trust them more. They work at ground level and cater to the very basic needs of society. This is why it cannot be ignored how they impact society at such a magnificent scale. 

Many traditional businesses in India are based around families. Family businesses almost completely coincide with traditional businesses in India. It is notable that among these family businesses the ones who were open to the changing market and didn’t just adapt to technology and its advancements over the years but also were quite ahead of their time in their vision of things are beyond successful. 

There is a very significant difference between their approach and others- They were open to change and integrated technology with their business.

An observation of all ways in which adapting to technology will help is elaborated in the following points-

Higher operational efficiency

Technology can improve the operational efficiency of traditional businesses in several ways. 

Firstly, technology can automate tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming, allowing employees to focus on more important and value-added activities. This can reduce the amount of time and effort required to complete a task, and can also reduce the number of errors. 

Second, technology can provide real-time data and analytics that can help businesses to make better-informed decisions and improve their operations. This can give businesses valuable insights into the inefficiencies in their processes and help them identify the areas where they can improve. Such analytical information will be very helpful in adapting to the changing market conditions. 

Third, technology can enable businesses to streamline their processes and eliminate unnecessary steps. This will reduce the time and resources required to complete a task. 

Scale their products/services more

A highly efficient product will cater to the needs of the customers more effectively. This will help in building trust between the customers and the business providers. Customers are more likely to repeat their purchases in this case and also refer your product/services to their peers. Direct word of the mouth approach is anyway observed to be one the best inbound marketing practices. 

In addition to this, technology will open so many doors for your business to connect, collaborate and evolve. You can create a huge network for your business and expand it exponentially. 

Fasten their delivery process

Whether it is the transfer of goods or raw materials from the warehouse or delivering the product to your customer’s doorstep, or even solving their issues while using the product- there are several tools and software available in the marketplace for this purpose that can streamline this process and reduce the time taken to deliver these services. With technology aiding your business, you will be able to deliver more in less time. Track the progress and solve any issues during the delivery process in a much more reliable manner. 

Improved customer experience 

Overall we can see that the customer’s experience can be improved greatly by making the right use of technology in your business and ultimately the demand for your services is bound to increase. Also, with the increasing demand, you will have to increase your supply too. This implies that along with the tools and software that you will be using for your business, you will also be needing more people to manage it. This will create more jobs for people and if more and more businesses start using this model, together everyone can collaborate and grow.


Businesses need to understand that to survive in the market in these times, they need to adapt to change. The new generation of consumers is co-dependent on technology. To serve them we must understand them and their needs. The idea is to make use of technology to enhance the way things have been working already.

Aahana Prasad

Product Specialist and Observer

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