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1team.ai is an exceptional platform for teams looking for ease of use and simplicity. It really helped me to transfer the ownership in my team and saved a lot of senior leadership time.

Kumar SambhavCTO, MantraLabs

1team is by far the most astonishing action management platform out there! I literally could not be happier that I chose to start using it! Your regular follow-ups and superb attention to detail blows me away nearly every day!

Abhishek GoelCOO, InaDev

Have spent hell lot of time figuring out the right set of tool which can help me to manage our work. Found many tools but adoption was always a real challenge. Contextual sense and affordable pricing is the real value of 1team.ai.

Gaurav AnandOwner, Balaji Controls

1team.ai has really changed the way we used to manage our day to day work. It's amazingly easy to adopt. Superb product ! I highly recommend this tool to everyone involved in high intensity operations.

Malay MandalCo-founder & CEO at ezyLegal

Struggling with

the most common problems?


Too many calls

Want to save all the time spent on everyday follow-ups and status calls?


Keeping track of work

Want to stay updated on who’s doing what in your team at all times?


Frequent delays

Want to avoid delays and effectively handle missed deadlines?


Tired and restless mind

Want to stop worrying about the team’s work and enable them manage better?

Precisely why we started

Effortless action tracking, for everyone.

Action Management

Action Management

Ensure your team takes every assigned task to completion, with effective delegation and easy workflows.

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Gain actionable insights and key metrics

Access intelligent analytics dashboards to scale your business with informed data-driven decisions.

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Consolidated data

Stop wasting your time going through excels, emails or whatsapp. We have everything you need in one place.

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Workspaces For Growing Businesses

Task management

Easily plan, track, and manage every task - from start to finish.

Contextual workspace

Workspace templates for different business functions for easy product adoption.

Smart Workflows

Got repetitive work for your team? Automate it with engaging workflows and processes.


Access intelligent insights into tasks and overall work to make quick, efficient, and informed decisions.

Communication and follow-ups

Allow easy flow of information within your team and always stay updated on work.

Time Logging

Allow businesses to not only see how many hours their staff are working, but how effective they are at their tasks.

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No. Not until we are in beta phase.

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