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Delegation is an important aspect for every team today. It empowers, builds trust, and enhances growth among team members. And for leaders, it helps save a lot of time and effort. Which means – everybody wins. 

But to truly achieve that, you need to understand that it’s not just about getting stuff off your plate. Efficiently assigning the right task to the right person has a lot more to it. 

Delegation has a close relationship with productivity. It can both enhance and hamper the productivity of teams. Let’s look at a few quick examples of poor delegation – 

Assigning a time consuming task to a team member that already has a lot of workload

Assigning multiple tasks without clarifying their priority and deadlines to team members 

Assigning a task to a team member that does not have the required skill to accomplish it

We can keep going. Because there actually are a lot of things about delegation that managers get wrong. 

And this directly impacts the productivity of team members. Let’s look at another example. 

A team member already has 8 hours of work assigned for the day. You assign them another task for the same day that would take another hour. Now the team member will either delay the task to the next day, or rush through their tasks to fit in the extra one hour of work. Ultimately leading to lower productivity and poor quality of work. 


How to effectively delegate a task

Effective delegation is crucial to the productivity of your team members. Here are a few steps you should take to ensure that you efficiently assign tasks within your team. 

Identify the right person

The first step to delegation is always identifying who the right person is for the task. Analyse the different aspects of the task like skill required, time taken, its priority etc. Once you sort your requirements for the task, only then you can effectively decide who it should be assigned to. 

A good way of identifying the right person for the task is to simply ask the team. Believe it or not, team members are well aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They are more than capable of identifying what they can and cannot do. With this method, you allow team members to choose their tasks (which is a great way of building trust in your team). 

Communicate clearly

One of the prerequisites of effective delegation is crystal clear communication of information. Team members must have every information and resource that they would need to accomplish the task. And must also know what to do if they face difficulties. 

Beyond the details and precise instructions on the task, you also must communicate the goal you’re trying to achieve with the said task. 


Always review

There must always be checkpoints during the course of accomplishing a task. Review the task at each checkpoint to ensure the task’s progress. 

Think of it as guiding the team members towards success. And you are able to identify hurdles early and easily overcome them. 

Feedback is not only good for your team’s productivity but also helps build a better relationship. 

Delegation is easier with technology 

Delegation can be a complicated process, especially for bigger teams. And while managers in the past have successfully done it. In today’s work environment, manually delegating tasks isn’t the best choice for a business. 

Manual delegation of tasks leaves a lot of room for errors. And not to forget, it is exhausting for managers to keep track of things. 

But these problems can be easily solved with the help of task management tools that allow you to easily delegate and track tasks within your team. 

Imagine getting an overview of each team member’s tasks, workload, and schedule before delegating a task to them. It’s like knowing exactly what each team member has on their plate before you give them more. Makes everything a lot simpler, right?

Tools like enable teams to achieve the same. With the right tool, you can easily identify, communicate and review a task successfully. 

Poorvi Naithani

Content Marketer

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