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Since the pandemic, remote work seems to prevail, even for professionals that can go back to the office. 

According to Pew Research centre, 90% of full time workers want to maintain remote work to some extent moving forward. This is because the benefits of remote work are numerous. But if done in a disorganised way, it can hamper individual work-life balance  – something that is essential for your team’s well-being and productivity. 

There is a higher chance of poor work-life balance for remote teams since they literally work-from-home. Which makes setting boundaries that differentiate your ‘work’ from your ‘home’ all the more important. 

What does work-life balance look like?

A balance between work and life simply suggests that you should be enjoying both. You must find satisfaction in your job as well as your personal life by organising and managing your days well. 

We asked a few team members at 1team to describe what work life balance means to them in a single sentence, and here’s what they had to say:

  • Spending time with my family everyday after closing my work.
  • Starting my day early and getting some exercise everyday before work. 
  • Taking a break when really required and doing a different activity for 15 minutes. 


How to build a work-life balance in remote teams?

Finding work-life balance in remote teams is centred around prioritisation. With appropriate planning, management, tools and techniques, anyone can achieve it. 


When you have the flexibility of working from anywhere and setting your own working hours, your everyday routine can be disturbed. But regardless of what it feels like, remote work does not mean being available and online all the time. 

With remote teams, when everyone is working on different schedules, it is even more important that you set one and adhere to it. Set a start and stop time for your work everyday and prioritise your tasks accordingly. Time management tools can help you set a schedule to each task and accomplish it smoothly. 

Further tools like Everytimezone can help you identify your team members’ schedules and act accordingly. Remember that if you want team members to respect your schedule, you must respect theirs. 

If something comes up outside of those working hours, it is a clear sign that you need to rethink your schedule for a better work-life balance. 


Prioritisation is an essential skill for remote work. The better you prioritise tasks, the more organised you get. It ensures high productivity and easy time management. And lucky for you, there are a lot of tools that can help you prioritise tasks. 

Since we perform a number of tasks everyday (whether it’s work, or personal errands), it is impossible to remember everything without noting it down. Sooner or later, you will miss out on something important so start prioritising now. For most individuals, a to-do list tool works. But for bigger teams, it might not be the best since they need a tool that is more collaborative. 

Simple action management tools can help remote teams prioritise and track tasks better. Having an overview of all tasks in a single platform will enable teams to easily navigate and thrive in a remote environment. 



Setting a schedule or organising your work isn’t just enough. You also need to communicate your work life with the rest of your team (or clients) to ensure that they do not disturb the balance. 

It is ideal to have a system and guidelines in place for communication during your offline hours too. For instance, if you use Slack for communication, you could set your hours on it so that you do not receive any notifications outside of your working hours. And the same is communicated to the team as well. 

Make remote teams simpler with tools

People need a balance between their work and personal life for optimal health and success. And since remote teams do not always clock 9-5, it becomes more important for them to achieve this balance. 

As discussed above, scheduling, prioritising, and communicating is critical to maintaining a work life balance. And ideally, a single tool that can help you align all three is what’s best for you and your team.


Poorvi Naithani

Content Marketer

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