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The innovation in technology and availability of tools is what has made remote work a reality today. And there is no denying, remote teams won’t be able to work as efficiently in the absence of these tools. 

In the past decade, many companies have worked tirelessly to build that one tool that will solve all problems of remote work. But unfortunately, that’s not how teams work. Since every team faces their own challenges (unique to their working environment), a single tool cannot solve every problem. 

But identifying your problem areas and implementing tools in each area accordingly can help you in overcoming most of these challenges. 

Remote work and tools

For most remote teams, the problems reside in everyday communication and work management. When you start focusing on fixing the minor problems, it can lead you to a major breakthrough. 

And for remote teams, that seems like the only option. Since you never really meet your team members in person, having tools in place will ensure that they have the right resources to fall back on when things seem out of control. 

For instance, even doing something as small as maintaining a to-do list of all work can help make team members be far more productive. Similarly, when you implement tools to overcome minor problems in different areas of your remote team’s work, you are able to transform them into a highly functioning team.


Best tools for remote work

The need to choose the right tool for remote teams is becoming more critical everyday. But we are here to give you a head start. Here are some of the best tools built to make remote work smoother for your teams. 

Slack for communication

It is honestly hard to find a remote team that would recommend anything but slack for real time communication. It’s easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. 

It offers different channels for different types of communication and it’s what sets the tool apart from others. Teams can have different channels for different projects, events, tasks, and more. This ensures that communication throughout is organised and can be easily scannable later if needed. 

Further, it can integrate with a number of other tools like G Suite, Dropbox, Trello, Adobe Cloud and more. Slack is definitely one of the most popular tools for communication in remote teams. 

Zoom for meetings

There are high chances that you’ve already used Zoom at some point in your professional life. And the reason for Zoom’s popularity is that it operates on very low bandwidth, especially compared to its competitors. 

“We love using zoom for our company all-hands meetings” – Leah Knobler, People Ops Manager at Help Scout

Zoom not only has a user-friendly interface, but also offers very high video and audio quality to its users. It makes conducting and attending meetings virtually effortless. It also has a higher threshold of the number of team members that can be added in a single meeting. Not to forget, screen sharing is much easier and seamless on Zoom which makes it a great option for remote teams. 

Trello For collaboration

If you’re looking for a tool that would encourage your team to engage with each other in their everyday work life, then Trello is for you. 

Trello is one the most interactive project management tools for remote work. It has fun and powerful visuals that can easily engage your team and enable them to easily work together. 

All the work on Trello happens on boards, which can be further divided into lists. It ensures that the overall flow of work and information in your remote team is well organised and easily accessible.


1team for Task management

If work is not highly organised in a remote environment, teams can be all over the place. Which is why it is essential for remote teams to invest in a good task management tool that can actually enable them to stay on track (and ahead) of their work. 

1team is highly recommended for teams that are looking to organise, manage and automate their tasks. With features that provide you with intelligent analytics on your team’s daily work and performance, as well as access to single view dashboards of all work and progress – 1team is simple to use and highly effective.

Dashlane for security 

Remote work involves a lot of password sharing via email or other chat applications. And security is often a concern for a lot of remote managers. Whether it’s the access to a tool, or to your website’s backend – there is a secure and safe way to share it. 

With Dashlane, remote teams can access one-time passwords and easily login whenever required. It makes it easier for team members as they do not have to remember passwords or refer to a spreadsheet everytime they need to log in. 

Tools are critical for remote work

It is evident that teams need tools to efficiently work in a remote environment. And it’s something that you just cannot ignore. 

The right tool can do wonders for your team’s growth and it’s about time you implement it in your teams. 


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