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Manually managing tasks in your team? Are you still stuck with team follow ups every single day? Not sure what to do with hundreds of excels stored in your drive? Or have had enough of texting teammates to get work updates?

This is a common sight for most managers today. They have processes in place to manage their everyday work but do not realise the inefficiencies involved in it. Reason being, they’ve adapted old, traditional processes that have worked in the past for other businesses. But every team has different needs and requires processes best suited for them.

Today, tasks are managed manually. In fact, some managers view it as their highest priority everyday. But is that really the right way?

Let’s look at what goes wrong when you handle your team’s everyday work manually.

Manual task management leads to duplication of effort

When different people manage different aspects of a project, there is a high probability that efforts are duplicated in the process. For instance, a marketing team member handling social media vs a marketing team member writing blogs – both will conduct marketing research for their respective tasks leading to duplicate effort. This further increases when projects are handled by cross functional teams.

This also leads to confusion among the team members and wastes time and resources.

Clear cut delegation and complete transparency on team member’s tasks can help overcome this problem. This can, to some extent, help reduce any duplication of work.


Manual task management reduces transparency

Low transparency is one of the key challenges managers face in their teams. Not knowing who’s doing what can lead to higher unproductivity in the long run.

When you manually handle task management, team members often end up knowing only what they are supposed to do. And with a blind spot to everybody else’s work in the time, it gets very hard to establish and work towards a common goal.

Further, CEOs and decision makers often rely on manager reports but they do not provide much information on the actual problems faced by the team members. Leading to a visibility and communication gap between the employees and the top management.

An effective way of enhancing transparency within teams is by adapting task management tools that will enable you to keep everyone on the same page.

Manual task management leads to data silos

The biggest drawback of manual management is that evidently, data will be stored in multiple places leading to data silos. Data silos further enhance human errors and duplication of resources. Not to forget, you end up with a huge pile of docs, spreadsheets, folders and files full of repetitive data.

Simply by adapting the right technology, you can easily navigate through all information and resources as per required.

Manual task management is mostly wasteful

Manual processes not only waste a major chunk of your time everyday but also lead to ineffective use of resources.

On the other hand, team members require consistency in their ways of working. And unfortunately manual processes take this away from them. Making them a highly ineffective way of doing things.


What should you do?

Let’s be clear – manual processes are messy and cannot be scaled.

But you can make the most of technology and adapt tools that can help you take care of all your task management needs.

Tools can help you overcome every challenge we discussed above and more. You can further introduce automation in everyday task management making it a smooth ride for all your team members.

With tools, task management will be a piece of cake.

  • Easy delegation and communication on every task

  • Complete transparency on everything with real-time updates

  • Keep track of the status of each task with featured analytics

  • Access a dynamic, all-in-one workspace for your team

  • Easily navigate through information and access it based on your context

Remember that manual process won’t take you very far. At some point, you will have to implement the right technology in your team to smoothen work. Why wait till it can’t be avoided? Start now!


Poorvi Naithani

Content Marketer

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