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There is never a time when your business can’t improve its operation efficiency. With processes building the fundamental structure of any business, it is becoming increasingly important to streamline and organise them for business growth. 

The secret to cementing a business’s position at the top is staying on top of business trends and adapting the latest technology to keep up with the shifts within and outside of their business. 

And this is where most businesses fall behind. They often hesitate in introducing technology in their own teams and processes and prefer manually handling them. But if you actually think about it, manual handling only leaves more room for human error. And in an effort to enhance efficiency, businesses might do the opposite. 


Where does technology intersect operations?

If you’re a business owner, you understand the importance of setting strong and effective processes from the very beginning of your business. The later you start defining and refining them, the further you go in the pit. So it’s best to start early. 

But there are so many processes that need to be carried out in every department. More often than not, these processes involve many people and can be cross-functional. And after a point, it becomes very tedious to manage operations manually. 

For instance, a business owner managing their onboarding manually will have to develop, document, and repeatedly assign these processes to the respective departments/team members. Not just this, they will have to manually follow up with team members and constantly track everyone’s progress. We’ve only touched the top layer of what actually goes down when manually handling operations and it already feels tiring. 

Which brings us to how technology can enable you to run business operations effectively while removing every manual struggle that you go through. 

Benefits of adapting technology

Adapting technology will help you to stop constantly worrying about business operations. Practically, it’s not a one man job and cannot be effectively done without leading them to burnout. You need technology to effectively run operations while you can focus on other more important aspects of your business.  

Let’s look at some of the benefits – 

  • Time and effort saving by enforcing better use of human resource
  • Pre-defined templates and structures for business processes
  • Easy and accurate tracking of progress
  • Simplified automation reduces human error 
  • Access to intelligent analytics and reports
  • Streamlined processes are cost saving
  • Enables you to make informed evidence-based decisions
  • Technology will enable to to accurately capture data on your operations


What happens if you do not adapt technology?

Regardless of the size of your business, modern technology is the key to maximising productivity and enhancing efficiency. 

And you’ll fall behind if you hesitate to implement it. 

  • Manually updating data into an outdated system puts you at a risk of not following the compliance requirements. 
  • Time and human resource spent on manual processes is costly, especially when there are delays and missed deadlines.
  • Lack of clear documentation and structure hinders you from getting a clear picture of the progress.
  • Operations can often be mundane and highly time consuming and can harm the employee’s productivity.
  • Manually assigning recurring tasks can be inaccurate and tedious. 

This should be your next step

Technology plays an important role in developing and sustaining lean and efficient processes. But before you jump and introduce new technology in your business, it is important to understand your needs. 

Focus on what areas you need help, what other similar businesses are doing, and what options are available at your disposal. 

Ideally, you would need a highly configurable tool that quickly adapts to your team and understands how people work with each other. And you will quickly be able to witness how you are able to overcome inefficiency with minimum effort. 


Poorvi Naithani

Content Marketer

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