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Wasn’t technology supposed to automate and prevent employees from performing everyday mundane tasks? Well, its a little different from what it should be. 

A study conducted by Onepool found that office employees spend 3 hours a day on manual recurring tasks that are not entirely a part of their jobs.

The problem is that while businesses did adapt technology to achieve higher efficiency. They did not leave behind their traditional methods of getting everyday work done. 

Between long to-do lists, email responses, and endless meeting cycles, the average workday is consumed more by the management of work than focusing on getting it done. 

That’s why removing repetitive tasks from your to-do list is essential for your productivity. Some tasks in your business can be automated. While others might have to be delegated to others. But there’s a way for it all. Let’s look at what aspects of your business can be automated. 


Customer Support tasks

  • Customer Support – Organizing customer service using auto-generated support tickets can help your customer support team know the order to answer questions and track down solutions, saving your time and hassle.
  • Reply by e-mail –  Obviously you don’t want to send bot-generated emails to everything in your inbox. But if you frequently get the same question over and over, it’s easy to set up defined replies. In advance via Gmail, you can customize these replies with details before you send them.
  • Customer email – Emails sent on customer birthdays or company anniversaries can be of great help in fostering strong relationships. They can be pre-scheduled from the database. You can set up similar emails for offers and occasions. 

Finance Tasks 

  • Payment reminder – It is hard to keep track of every payment in a growing business. But regardless, it is essential that you do so. You can automate email reminders for payments saving your time and effort. 
  • Pay – Several apps available today can help you easily automate payroll so your HR department doesn’t get bogged down twice a month.
  • Receipts – If your business has a lot of receipts, scan them into an app like Shoeboxed to automatically get the necessary information exported from them. Once you’ve scanned the backlog, get in the habit of taking pictures as you do it to avoid the hassle of preparing returns.

Administrative Tasks 

  • File backup – This necessary precaution does not require your full attention. Instead, set up a cloud-based backup like Dropbox, where you can set a daily or weekly time for background backups. There is really no need to spend half a day saving files to an external hard drive! 
  • Hiring – Programs like ZipRecruiter can submit your job description to multiple job search sites at once. 
  • Expense management – Budgeting and managing expenses are important but time-consuming administrative tasks that your teamhas to deal with on a regular basis. Regardless of the type of budget involved, automating the processmakes it easy. 


Marketing Tasks

There are many marketing tasks that can be automated. Most marketing services automate common tasks like advertising campaigns, social media posting, and email marketing. Automation tools enable marketing teams to operate more efficiently and provide a more personalized experience for customers and prospects.

Typically, successful marketing automation takes into account potential customers’ interactions with different marketing channels and their ever-changing needs. This could include how they interact with social media channels, view a pricing page, or time spent on a blog post.  

How to Automate Mundane Tasks 

There are many tools that automate common tasks. You can choose to use individual tools for each need. Or you can implement, a tool that adapts into the infrastructure of your business and caters to your needs. 

In the competitive business landscape of 2021, automating routine tasks is key to staying ahead of the competition. It enables organizations to improve productivity and retention rates, build stronger brands and grow faster, and reduce business costs.

By implementing tools like, you can automate and modernise your organization’s existing way of working to drive continuous value, innovation, and a productive employee experience. . 


Poorvi Naithani

Content Marketer

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