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People tend to believe that the best way to do things is to follow what other businesses have successfully done in the past. It ensures predicting the big challenges. But blinds one from identifying the small gaps and inefficiencies in the other’s way of working. 

However, when you open up to new experiences there is a wide range of possibilities to choose from. But this cannot begin without the realisation that problems exist. 

Why make room to evolve?

Often, we get so used to the traditional ways of working that we forget to explore new opportunities. Technology has offered us a highly organised route to managing work and teams. But the only reason businesses do not adapt to it is because it isn’t the traditional way of doing things. 

But change is inevitable. What worked previously, might not work currently. Because with time, things, trends and people keep changing. With people, their needs and expectations also evolve. So with the changing norms, it is crucial to adapt to new developments that would fit your current situation. 

Failing to do that is not a wise decision. Because when everyone is evolving, if we choose to stay where we were, we are consciously making a choice to hinder our growth. 

Think about it, by adapting to technology your life has become so easy. You can manage everything from your doctor’s appointment to your team’s work progress on your phone. 

And adapting technology in your team can help in more ways than you think. 


How can management tools make a difference?

Let’s say, you start using a team/work management tool. Here’s what will be different – 

  1. Your team’s daily actions will get tracked easily. 
  2. Earlier you had to ask each of your team members the status of their work from time to time, but with the tool in hand that data would be accessible to you anytime and anywhere. 
  3. Before using the tool, you had to deal with a lot of unnecessary miscommunication between you and your team members, but using a tool,  the tool itself can communicate a lot of things between you and your teammates. 
  4. Earlier, you had a lot of raw and scattered information about your team’s performance, but when you have a tool, you will be able to get everything in one place.
  5.  Without any tool helping you, you would have to rely solely on your analytical skills to evaluate the performance of your team members. However, using a tool you can get a 360-degree view of all the parameters to evaluate your team’s performance. This will give you better insights to make even better use of your analytical skills.
  6. Management tools can automate repetitive processes which will solve a lot of problems, You wouldn’t have to initiate those processes again and again or remember when to initiate them, or rely on less efficient ways for remembering these tasks.


Putting your time and efforts to the right use

When these issues would already be resolved for you, you will have time on your hands to focus on more important things. You won’t be stuck forever in getting the right working conditions, you will already have the best possible working conditions. Hence, you can solely focus on getting the work done with much more efficiency. This will enable you to be focused on solving the right problems and not beating around the bush to get to that problem. 


It will give you an edge

When you have everything in place you can go a step further. 

With all the actions tracked and useful insights available to you, you can make better decisions about what will be best for you and your team. You’ll be able to understand your team dynamic better and figure out ways to perform better together.


Without using management tools your energy and efforts would be consumed only in getting the basic things right. Although if you use tools, you’ll be ahead of the curve. You won’t be struggling with getting the basic necessities of work fulfilled. It will automatically raise your benchmark.


Aahana Prasad

Product Specialist and Observer

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